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sick chick??

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I have 10- 5 week old chicks, and one is smaller than the others.  It eats and drinks, and does all the normal chicken things except it doesn't move very fast.  This morning I picked it up and noticed its chest was pretty swollen, I know it could be just food, so tonight I will bring it in and isolate it and see if it goes down in the morning. But any ideas as to why it would be smaller, and somewhat listless. I'm not sure the breed, I bought a few different kinds. Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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The chick might just be the runt of the group. I don't know what the swollen chest is about. I hope I could help.:hu

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The chick may have something stuck in it's crop. Do you have grit available? You might keep an eye out for symptoms of coccidiosis which include, lethargy or sleepiness, hunched posture, weakness, not eating, and diarrhea with mucus or blood. Sometimes the crop can be slow to empty. Corid (amprollium) is the treatment in the water.Dosage is 2 tsp of the liquid, or 1 1/2 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days. Treat all chicks at once. Then give them probiotics or plain yogurt to eat, and vitamins in their water for several days after treatment.

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The chick passed the night I posted this, I was treating them all with corid.  I did notice that the chick had mucous coming out of its beak. I really don't think it had coccidiosis.

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I'm sorry for your loss. The Corid will not hurt the others to continue.

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thank you,  fingers crossed that no other chickens become ill.

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Sounds like a repository problem, there is a natural oily substance you can get at tractor supplies it comes in a small yellow box. You just rub it on the chest and under wings, it always cures and makes swelling go down. I would suggest buying it and put a drop or two on all the chickens/chicks.
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