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Dominant bird

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I have 9 chicks about 4.5 weeks old. One in my Easter Eggers stood out from the beginning as a dominant, but in more of a protective way. We call her the Sentinel of the flock. She always has one eye out, if they are out in the yard and one gets separated she rounds them up, she is the first out of the brooder to explore and also the most trusting/friendly with us.
She definitely looks like a pullet, but I am wondering if the behavior is more rooish.
We have 1 Black Australorp that we are pretty sure is a rooster, but he's a pansy. Not dominant at all!
Is this normal?
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From my experience, the more friendly and outgoing young birds almost always turn out to be cockerels - but it could well be that your little one is a girl and is a tough cookie :) If you post pics on the "what breed or gender is this?" forum when they are 6 weeks old, you should know who is what.



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