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Please help hurt chicken

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We found one of our RI reds outside in the run the other night she wouldn't walk so we picked her up and put her in the coop today she was still in there so we put her out near the food and water. She still hasn't moved so we went out again and my husband picked her up and we think her leg is broke her left leg just kind of flops around and she doesn't move at all is there anything we can do my husband wants to just put her down so not in pain and before the others turn on her.
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Anyone is there any way to fix it I'm separating her and moving to safe location alone right now
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I'm sorry, I don't have any answers. Is there a vet you can call?
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Unless you splint the leg not much you can do. I have two currently acting very drunk and walking clumbsy or in ones case not at all. However i do have one chicken who did something to her leg and doesnt use it. She flaps around on the one leg isnt in pain and has started laying. Idk what causes the drunkeness. In my experience. They usually subcum to the drunkendness
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if you go on youtube you will find a video of a vet splinting a bird leg. youtube is amazing. just type in "how to know if a bird has a broken leg". "how to splint a bird's leg?" fine tune your questions. there are answers. splint the leg. she will feel better. put her n a warm dry place with fresh water and a little scratch. any treats should be in minute amounts. keep her away from other hens while she mends. and do your best to find out how it happened. caught in something? mangled by neighbor dog? bone infection? if one is available have her checked by a vet. the youtube vet will have ideas for a safe recovery. and i agree with your husband. if splinting doesn't work and she doesnt eat, put her down. she is suffering.
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