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just hatched chick need help

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She hatched but has an open navel with a green blob hanging out, opened quickly to separate her from the other hatched chick and the ones still to hatch as other one hatched yesterday and was trying to pick at it. I have no clue what it is or what I should do.


She is cheeping to the other one

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Put her in the incubator she can get to cold put the others under a heat lamp I had chickens with those they will dry and fall off PUT HER IN THe BATOR take older chickens out into brooder
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Thank you freaked me out, She is in the incubator with just the unhatched eggs. So nothing else I can do for her?

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Just let her dry off she hatched a little to early she could die she could make it let nature take course
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How is she doing? Did she make it?

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nope she passed away, apparently that blob was intestinal as soon as it dried and disconnected she started vomiting fecal matter without having had anything but water

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Aw. I am sorry. :(

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well tried everything we could, it's hit and miss on saving mal positioned chicks that hatch from what I read, but learned something new from the experience and can look up see if there is anything you can do for it now we know what it was or if it's just better for the chick to cull it , most were thinking it was an infected yolk sack.

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