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Help with confirming Coturnix colors

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I need some help from you more experienced folks in confirming the colors on my Coturnix quail.
1. I believe this one is a Tibetin.

2. Not sure if this is a Dilute/Fawn or Cinnamon.

3. This is supposed to be an Italian.

4. Playing with the Cot calculator it say if you mix a speckled gold (Italian?) with a Cinnamon you get a Gold Speckled Cinnamon. Is this one?

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No guesses?

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No guess from me, just wanted to say nice colours :)

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A couple of those look very familiar!  I picked up 12 that I'm trying to figure out and I think they're mixed.  Your top two pictures look like a few of mine that I suspect are a  cross between the reds and a Tibetan .  I wonder if the light ones aren't what can happen if you mix  a traditional type with an A and M type.... trying to guess is half the fun.....still don't know what my dog is either!  Good Luck!

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That's an interesting thought. The person I got them from did have A&Ms so it is possible.
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I'm going to try to get pictures of mine's an odd odd assortment!  The cool thing is that each one is different...

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I like having different colors too. I have many wild type as well. I like the unique ones but unfortunatly many are turning out to be males. I have only one Tibetin and its a boy so he will probably be culled.
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So the good news is I finally got some photos.....the bad news is that I thought the bathroom would be a good place for a  photo supermodels had a great time pooping everywhere, took forever to clean...ah well....anyone up for another round of   "what have I got?"...

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That first one does look very similar to mine that I think is a Tibetin. No idea what the second ones are but they are lovely. That red and gold combo is beautiful. I believe the third ones are A&Ms. Forth would be a tuxedo but I don't know what the top color is.
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The color on Artemis didn't photograph's like  an almost black base with a lace top red overlay...that one is a favorite!  Do your Tibetan's  have the little Hitler mustache?  It didn't look like it. I seem to have several with a bit of white....that A and M blood coming through I guess.......

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