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Chicken Confusion.

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Hello all. We(there are 3 of us that take care of the chicks.) are brand new to this site. We have found a lot of helpful posts here though. smile.png

We are new to owning chicks. We went a little crazy and got over 30, of all different kinds. Hee hee.
We got 8 Frizzles. I have been reading a lot about them and I've come across talk about Frazzles. I haven't been able to find a decent picture of a Frazzle. I am worried one of ours may be a Frazzle. It's feathers are more curly than the others and it looks a little bald.
It's only 3 and a half weeks old. How do we know for sure if it's a Frazzle? Can anyone help us out?

Oh and how on earth do you tell what breed they are? They were just labeled straight run Frizzles.
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My guess it's a mangled term, such as "waddles" instead of wattles, and "Maran" instead of "Marans".


Go here  and find the thread on Frizzles and post your question. You'll get a quick answer, I bet.

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You get a Frazzle when you breed a Frizzle to a Frizzle.

Thanks I will post on the Frizzle thread as well.
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