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food and h2o in the coop

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Hi! Thus is my first time with chickens. My 5 girls are spending their first night outside in their coop tonight. I've been bringing them out during the day and back in at night for a week. Should I put their feed in water in the part of the coop with the nest boxes overnight? They will be shut in there all night and not have access to the lower part of the coop where their food normally is.probably a silly question, but I'm a newbie. Also, do I need to give grit? They are in a sandy/grassy area all day.
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Welcome! No you do not need to give them food at night, assuming you will get there bright and early to open the coop up for them.
Grit I'd a tougher one. Yes chickens need grit. But I never provide mine with it because I allow them to range and have ample supply of gravel. If your are in sand, then it is likely your do not need extra grit either.
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