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I just hatched my very 1st batch of eggs. Just a tiny incubator. 12 eggs, after 10 days I checked and 4 weren't viable. 8 hatched.

Cute as can be. I had never seen newly hatched Quail before. 4 solid yellow and 3 darker with stripes and 1 yellow with gold stripes.

Parents are mixed, but I do have a Honey with a Honey.

The little yellow with gold (Honey?) just stopped responding and died within 24 hours. Then I lost a yellow 1 today, on Day 2. It looked and acted fine, but cried a lot and then the others started picking on him.

Any suggestions on why?

I have 12 more in the cooker and will have the Honey or Golden problem again, I did take the female out and put her with a white male and took out 1 of his white females out and put it upstairs with the other 2 males. There are 6 females to 2 males.

Using a double deck Rabbit hutch with shredded paper for the parents. I'll but the others outside in a small chicken coop when they are 3 weeks? I'm in the Phoenix area so getting cold isn't an issue. I can even put a lamp in the roost part.

Advice please.........