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Treated for Gapeworm but still having symptoms?

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From everything I read, my hen has gapeworm.  Symptoms first seen 5/15.  Every breath was difficult for her.  She would raise her neck, open her mouth, breathe then lower her neck to start the process over and over again.  There was a gurgling sound when she took a breath.  She was not eating or drinking.  Her entire being was consumed with taking her next breath.  I talked to the Extension office and was told to treat with Levamisole.  I got my hands on Prohibit and treated her 5/17.  She was doing better by the evening.  5/18 she was breathing normal and eating/drinking.  5/19 she was back to breathing hard again and lots of neck shaking.  Gave her another dose.  She was looking better that evening.  5/21 looking great again, eating/drinking.  5/22 troubles breathing again. Lots of neck shaking. Gave her another dose.  5/23 looking better.  Eating/drinking.  5/24 looks like the day we found her, troubles breathing, not moving. Gave her another dose and she has just slightly improved tonight.


The dosage calculated to 1/8 of an 1/8 teaspoon (the entire prohibit package contained 47 grams of levamisole which measured just under 1/3 cup).  The extension office said 8 to 16 milligrams of Levamisole per pound.  Once now and then again in 2 weeks.  We added it to some water in a syringe and gave it orally.  This was the dosage given 5/17 and 5/19.  Then I read that they should drink the medicine over a 6 hour period so on 5/21 the dose was 1/8 tsp in 1 cup of water.  I gave her some with a syringe and then left it for her to drink as much as she would like.  Today I increased the dosage strength to 1/4 teaspoon in 1 cup of water.


What is up with this every other day thing?  What is your experience with treating gapeworm?  Is this not gapeworm?  Are these gapeworms resistant to levamisole? Any ideas based on your experience would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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Where do you live? SafeGuard Liquid Goat Wormer is found in the US, and is safe and easy to use. Levimisole is effective for gapeworm, but is used more in other countries. You can look up dosage here on the search box at the top of the page, or by Googling it. SafeGuard 1/4 ml per pound of weight given for 3-5 days is effective for treatment of gapeworm. Many respiratory diseases can look like gapeworm. It is more common in tropical regions, and they cannot eat and drink because of labored breathing. Can you post a video?
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We live in Hendersonville, NC USA.  I am posting two videos.  The one titled "hen did just this for 4 days" is basically how we found her.  She did this for four days.  The next day after the 1st Levamisole treatment she was acting normal, eating and drinking.  No labored breathing. Nothing odd.  The one titled " breathing noise 5/25" is what she is doing today.  The video is choppy on my end, she makes the breathing sound/head shaking movement three times at the end.  Thank you for your time.




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The improvement is pretty evident in the videos. Here is a levamisole product that gives dosage:

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