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Fixing up an old coop

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Hello all, I'm hoping to get some advice about fixing up an old coop. There's a hole in the floor on the right hand part that we want to secure. The floor is sagging and there are holes in the wall. We have some chicks in a brooder and two pullets are coming soon. We have some electric netting coming, so hopefully that will be somewhat secure. Could shoring up the subfloor, burying wire mesh, adding wire fencing to the walls, and patching holes with spare lumber make this coop safe? Thanks so much for any advice! Adding photos...
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I think you would be better served to tear that down, and recycle as much of the lumber and siding as you can.



I see lots of structural issues with that thing.



eta:  lots of floor framing rot too.  start from scratch, and be worry free.

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Thanks BertS, yes that is what we eventually want to do. But we have two pullets coming and lots of chicks. I climbed all over the roof to sweep it off and it felt fine. It's made of good lumber. With electric poultry netting and lots of hardware cloth/patching/wire fencing, structural faults aside, maybe we could make do with this for a little while? I just want to keep them safe. I don't think it's about to fall down...
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If that roof leaks then I'd tear it down and use any good wood to build a new coop.  Even if the roof doesn't leak now, it looks as if it could start to leak at any time.  Water is going to sit in that low spot. 

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I don't think the roof leaks. I went in there after rain and it was dry. We are sort of in trouble I guess because we don't have a budget or time to do anything else for a while. It looks a little better than in the photos, but yeah its sagging in the middle.
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where about are you located?






the structure is in the process of falling down right now.  just because it hasn't failed in an epic fashion.


note the roof line.  note the beams in the floor framing that are broken.  note the one pic you show, of the rotten floor, see the dirt?  I think the frame of the floor has fallen and is sitting on the ground.


if you have chicks now and are getting some pullets soon, you could take a few weekends, to pull off a few good boards to use and get you a functioning coop.  if you have bad  predators, or large ones, you are gonna be in a pickle.  I'm not sure you could plug every hole in that structure to keep out weasels.


heck, maybe not even raccoons.

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We're in the Shenandoah valley, VA. I know we have hawks. We have a huge electric poultry netting fence coming. We I only want to secure the right half. We have a fair bit of old lumber that was stored there. Neither of us know carpentry, but we have tools. We thought of jacking it up and fixing the floor. We also have some big paving stones we could maybe use to secure foundation. Thanks so much for feedback.
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