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Is this Wry Neck?

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I have a pullet hatched in late February that was fine this morning, and now is presenting with a floppy neck, lethargic and unable to move around. She keeps turning her head around, or letting it hang in front of her, non supportive. Is this wry neck? I've given her electrolytes and she has spunk when I'm trying to open her mouth.

Any thoughts? We've been really blessed to not have many health issues with our birds so I haven't seen this before.

Thanks for the help!
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I would  describe that as placing the head under her wing, which is how many chickens will sleep, or if they do not feel well. She could be dehydrated or be suffering from some illness. Coccidiosis is common at her age, and symptoms are lethargy, sitting hunched or puffed up, not eating, and blood or mucus in droppings. Corid or amprollium is the treatment , used in the water for  5  days. I would check inside her vent for  a stuck egg, feel of her crop in case of a crop problem, and look her over for lice or mites.

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