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An update this morning, I went anch checked to see if the actively pipped chick had hatched. I i,,ediayely saw it dead near the hen. It did not appear to be pecked, and looked as though it had never dried. It had the yolk sac still out of abdomen, and I could see blood and yolk in the shell which was still under the hen.
Could this just be a batch of bad eggs? Maybe the chick the hen pecked was ill or not right somehow. I bought them from a local breeder, maybe I should get my next clutch somewhere else.
I candled the remaining eggs last night and one was moving around, so I'm hopeful this will hatch. Otherwise I'm 0 for 12 sad.png

One last question, if the chick had died by smothering under the hen or something of that nature, would it be normal for her to have pecked it?
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There are many reasons why chicks die in the egg, disease or bad genetics, and bio-contamination are only a few. Yes, the hen may well "know" an egg isn't viable and destroy it.


You may be wise to use another supplier in the future.

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