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Help chick dying unexceptionably!

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my chicks are seven weeks old and two nights ago one died unexceptionably. I was scared it was a disease, so i cleaned everything really well. Then last night another died! I am really worried about the other chicks. They only seem to die at night though. During the day they are in a large outdoor pen, and at night they go into a small coop. also during the day they seem really energetic, and seem to have no problems. There water is always full and clean, and so is there food. I have them on medicated chick food, because they aren't big enough to eat normal feed yet. I cant figure out what it is!

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I would get some Corid and treat for possible coccidiosis, which is common in 7 week old chicks. Also make sure it is not too hot in their coop, and that they have access to water throughout all of their waking hours (including inside their coop.) Fans can be added to increase air circulation during hot weather. I have a large coop and a small one, and the small one gets hotter in summer. Fans are in both, and add windows with fencing if needed. Corid is found in feed store, cattle medicines. Dosage is 1 1/2 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days.
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