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Hi all. I live in a community where we have a family of geese. The mom and dad had 5 babies this year. I have been feeding them and watching them grow. They normally walk down to my house but I noticed the family didn't come for about a week. I went down to the pond where they stay and noticed one of the babies "shuck" had a limp and always was laying down. He is eating if I throw food his way but he can hardly walk. Is there something I should do? Should I call someone to take care of him? He is the one laying down in the darker picture. He's smaller than the other children.

Second is a baby "pilaf". He has strange wings. All of the other babies wings are developing normally but Pilaf's don't look right. (See photos). Is this just a normal stage he has to go through or is this a birth defect and he'll never be able to fly?

I thank you in advance for any help and guidance you can provide. I want to make sure I do all I can for this little goose family.