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Sick chicks...please help....

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I need help, I bought 4 chickens, 2 laying and 2 (1 pullet and Cockrell ) when I got them home and mixed them with my flock, a couple days later the Cockrell started sneezing. Now I have an older one of mine coughing,sneezing and very wheezy. I hv 6 2 month Olds with runny noses and 3 older ones sneezing. I bought tylan 50 and injected it. I don't know for sure if I'm putting it in the right place. I'm putting it under skin near the wing. Please tell me this will help n it's in the right place.... I don't want to loose my birds. : (
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Sounds like it might be coryza. Its highly infectious. They are carriers of that disease for life, even after recovering from it.
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If I give the shot up under the skin between the wing and breast, is that ok? I'm using tylan 50. 1cc for my big chickens and 1/2cc for my 2 month Olds. Also, should I even treat those that aren't showing signs? And one more question... I have 24 Lil peeps about 2 weeks old. They are up in a cage about 4 feet above the rest with their own water and food that they don't share. Will they be ok??? I'm sorry for so many questions. I'm a newbie to all of this.
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In the future, you need to quarantine ALL new birds in order to protect your flock. 


I saw many people used a drop of Vet Rx to cure respiratory illness.


Good luck!

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Unfortunately I didn't know until it was to late. Still, I need to know if the place between wing and breast is a good place for a shot and do I treat all of the chickens, even ones that don't show signs right now... I'm in panic mode!!!
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I am sorry I can't be more help. I also didn't know about quarantine, but I keep learning every day how important it is.


I personally would treat ALL, even those with no signs. Here is a link I found. Hope it helps!

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