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Just thought I'd pop in and say hi to the rest of the Arizona folks. We Northern Arizonans tend to get forgotten about - most people think that Phoenix is the only city in the state :rolleyes:


My town changed it's ordinance on poultry recently, and now I can have hens (no roos - I'm on less than 40,000 sq. ft. of land). I might have a little cockerel in my tiny flock. If so, I'm hoping I can at least keep him with a friend and have him over for a hen house night now and then :yiipchick - no one has to know, right? ;)


We lost our first chicks due to underestimating the predator instincts of a dog that was never taught that live chickens are not his dinner  :hit  It was a very painful lesson, and 10 birds later, we finally have him successfully contained.


These are my babies - they're still a little too young to tell who's a girl and who isn't, except my Barred Rocks.





     Georgie and Gracie






     Li'l Red