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feeding flight conditioner to mature Coturnix - been using pigeons lately - may try them again - have tried putting them in small crab pot bait cages next to the pigeon in launcher - pup seems to point a little better on their scent - thanks for the encouragement

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I've used them to train my Springer pup. They have worked and flown just as good as some "bobs" a friend had.


I didn't worry about call back... they were tasty.


They are small and not aggressive, tend to run a little. They make my pup smell, search, find and flush. :) AND THEY ARE CHEEP!!!


I'm feeding game bird flight conditioner.


Good luck!!


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You guys using you have them in a flight pen or just regular cages?
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regular cages,

here is a post here  somewhere showing a red cage. mine looks like that.

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Well that's encouraging because I am almost done with a 3 tier cage. I've always bought coturnix off of other people...I am now getting into this quail fathering myself.
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built a 20L x 5W x 6H fly pen as soon as we got them - didn't fly much at first - more with practice - more yet after wife landscaped the pen and started feeding fruit/vegie trimming scraps, plus their own and chicken egg shells beside flight conditioner feed-&-seed-bought meal - 6 months later, 12 of 18 original still living - biggest problem, rats breaking into cage or raccoon trying - when the bandit shows up, send out the pup to chase it off - rats eat the fly conditioner feed and eggs - but when they do get in the little birdies really fly - hmm ... rats train birds - birds train pup - how do rats get trained?

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