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I have watched this thread for a couple of years. It works best if you count what you set/ what hatched.
I have seen several posts with additional information of survival of one week.

What I have seen is it is pretty close to 50%. If you are getting better than that, you are doing good. But generally speaking, counting the eggs set, then the eggs hatched, then the chicks that survivied one week... 50 % is the average.

Now it is important to remember that is the average - so there will be many hatches above and below that line.
Western South Dakota Rancher
Western South Dakota Rancher
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Hatch 1:  Five eggs, one weak hatching that lived only to two weeks, so 0 - 20%, depending on how you count.

Hatch 2:  Seven eggs.  Five healthy ducklings, so 71%

Hatch 3:  Eight eggs, two healthy ducklings, so 25%


These are overlapping hatches in one incubator - and my first attempt at incubating.  The eggs had a variety of issues and the babies could not come out on their own.  Probable cause - humidity issues, and perhaps others as well. Still investigating and learning.  See thread "Incubating - one egg not dehydrating - help!". All surviving ducklings were assisted out of the egg.  Overall count for all three overlapping hatches:  


Summary - 20 eggs 7 survivors 35% 

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We gathered 24 across 2 days
Candled and removed 6
Left with 18.
13 hatched
54% in incubator
Chickens nesting ... Zero lol
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Put 9 eggs under two ducks.  None began growing.  It might be because the girls kept leaving one or two on the side to get cold while they warmed others - then moved around and the warm and cold eggs changed places.


Hatch rate:


9 set, zero hatched.  Fertile number unknown, as eggs couldn't begin growing due to naturally fluctuating temperatures!

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Some of this springs so far...

3 different 4H projects done for local grade school in classroom..

1. Older GQF 1583 with wafer thermostat hatched 17 of 18..

2. Older 1588 hatched 34 of 38

3. Newer 1588 hatched 33 of 38

First hatch in Dickey of the year was 80% cant remember the numbers just the %..

Second hatch in the dickey was 74 out of 78, very,very good for 94.8%

First batch of shipped eggs was a big fat 0%.. Every egg was scrambled by the PO, I mean yolks busted scrambled :he

two shipped batches in now still growing. One batch went into lockdown 12 out of 18 eggs went in, so far very good for shipped eggs.

Second batch is maybe the best growth Ive had from shipped eggs. 12 of 14 growing well into the second week..still early on these shipped eggs. We will see.

 if I don't get at least 80%-85% on my own eggs at home Ive done something bad wrong..if I can get 50% out of shipped eggs Im flying high..

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