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 RIGHT ON....!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup never  give up...!!!    you did good...!!! :highfive: you saved  your  girl  and she is  fine now..!!!  im sooo happy  for you..!!! :celebrate keep up the good work....!!!!!!!!!!!:yiipchick

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I love the vics idea but I understand worrying about putting it on their skin I would put a layer of regular petroleum jelly on first to protect their skin then the vics it may help to keep it off direct contact
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I use apple cider vinegar in the water and it keeps it down quite a bit occasionally I see a plucked feather or two but it seems to work with mine
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I swear by the vetricyn our girl Wilma got attacked by a dog a couple of months ago and we thought we'd lost her but I put the vetricyn on her. She is doing fine now. Took about a month but she's a happy spoiled laying girl now
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   for any  pecking problems  , i use  vicks  and  the pecking  stops:thumbsup vicks works great...!!:weee

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Thanks for the Vicks tip. I have a blue laced red Wyandotte and two light brahma's with no tail feathers and they're only 8-9 weeks old. The offending culprit seemed to be my Rhode Island red when I took her out of the mix my wellsummer stepped up and decided to take over the pecking. I put peck no more on all three but that doesn't seem to stop them. This is my first time having chicks so this is all a new learning thing for me.
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We had 4 hens in varying degrees of feather loss due to others picking at them. I separated them fro the main flock and made chicken saddles for them. They look really cute in them and it generally stopped the picking on their backs. They are picking the feathers on the back of their heads .... So now I will get out the Vicks. But the saddles to protect their backs are great. If you don't sew, find someone who does to help you out. They are expensive to purchase, if you need several, and easy to make. They also protect their backs from the Roos when breeding.
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Hi all! Brand new chicken mom here. We got 3 black sexlink pullets a little over a week ago. Between 16-18 weeks. They seem to get along fine and are always together. I noticed that there are feathers in the coop. Is it normal for chickens to lose a feather here and there or could I have a problem? I am constantly worrying about them. Nobody is laying yet but could any day. It has gotten hot here already but they get ice water and frozen blueberry ice. I have been keeping everything super clean. Just curious as to why I am seeing feathers. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Did anyone have any luck with the Vicks??
I've got the same problem occurring and applied Vicks an hour ago, so hoping it works sad.png
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How did you go with the Vicks?
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