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I am a first time chicken owner, and I had fire ants walking right up the run into the coop. They were all over the inside of the nesting boxes.I read this thred and went to the local farm supply store and got a 6lb container of DE.I have to say I am really impressed. By the next day there were no ants on the run or in the nesting boxes.
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where can i find Diatomaceous Earth *DE* in Adelaide, does anyone stock it?
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Yes if you have a Home Depot or a Lowes near you you can usually get it off the shelf. Also you can order it from Ace Hardware and have it shipped to the store of your choice. You can find it in the bug killer section of the stores I mentioned.big_smile.png
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We don't have them stores here. Bunnings don't have it, would the fodder stores supply it?
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I just sprinkled some DE in the bottom of my nesting boxes, and also the bottom of my coop where I've seen ants hanging around, I'm hoping it helps to get rid of them. If not, what Basic H product should I use?  I see what looks like it's in a bucket and that's called Basic H Cleaner, then I see a smaller product called Basic H organic super cleaning concentrate that's like 20 bucks or so.  Which is the right one to use?





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