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They may disappoint those looking for birds really close to breed standard, but I really like my Pyncheons from Privett... they are super cute, sweet, and actually seem to be decent egg layers. All of them came with pink legs, and 5/6 came with vaulted skulls... the other seemed to have a bit a of a tassel, but since I am pretty sure mine have bigger crests than they are supposed to that probably would be helpful in breeding toward the right amount of crest. I have no idea what breed would be best to breed in to get the willow legs... I live in the city so I had to sell the males... except one got wry neck and I spent hours saving him from the brink, and so I gave him to my Mom instead of selling him. He rewarded those hours of dediciation by turning into a little  #$%* but he actually is really beautiful now and completely healed from the wry neck. Which is amazing because when he was in those ackward stages, and had wry neck he was the ugliest bird ever!!

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Just throwing this out there what if you crossed olandsk into them they are yellow legged and may help with legg coloring? Where can I get a pair or trio of the Pynchon birds at?
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Does anyone have contact info for Rusty Hart? I am hoping to contact him about getting some eggs or chicks from him. Thanks! 

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