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Not sure if anyone is still monitoring this thread, but my 1YO Silkie roo chased and jumped at my 9 year old son's back twice today. When I was on vacation, he pecked at the pet sitter's calves. I came home and picked him up at every display of aggression and he seemed fine. He only chases when our backs are turned (I always look around as I leave so that he doesn't get away with it). I told my son that he could carry his foam sword and whack the roo (I can watch and warn him as he walks away), but I'm wondering if I should get rid of him (the roo that is). I only have him and one hen at this point, so I either have to find a second bird or get rid of both of them and start over (my family doesn't seem to like the small Silkie eggs anyway). If nobody wants him - sorry if this is a stupid question - how do I humanely kill him? We don't own a gun. Thanks.