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I had 15 chicks born first week of april, I lost 3 all at once the next week. There is an evil eyed cat that was near my flock, did he or didn't he.. so I try to keep him away. My Australorpes 1yo roo 5-1yo hens and now 8 baby chicks left are free range.. can't keep em locked up all the time.. I try to keep an eye out. But one evening before roosting time. I counted my 9 then by lock down time 1/2 hour I was down to 8😯. I have no idea where they vanish to. No trace. I thought of the owl but I didn't think the owl searched that early. It could have been the cat, but i didn't see him. They could have wandered off. They were born in my neighbors yard after 2 wks she made me move them..tough to do, Guinny didn't like it. I made a nest in my tool shed. After a couple of nights she chose to go to the hen house. All the others roo included are proective and help. What I don't understand is why they didn't attack the cat, they do band together when he's around? Guenivere has been a great mom..when I tried to take some egs so there weren't so many to hatch she came at me. Rightfully so, I let her be. Thus the big clutch. I left the nest in the shed. I will broody there next time.