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 My take on chicken math.... gig.gif



4 hens plus 2 roos
=22 chickens. (because you should have 10 hen per roo)

20 hens, (silkie and BO) + 2 roos, + the arrival of spring, (can anyone say BROODIES??)
= 45 chickens, of which 20 are roos.

Then, 20 roos = chicken soup, which equals a mysterious package from someplace called "Brinsea". (Must have been the cat...)


1 mysterious package + 25 hens + a feeling of inadequate chicken numbers because of aforementioned processed roosters = 70 chickens.

But then you have an urge to get ducks which means 2 ducks =17 ducks, but you absolutely have to get turkeys, geese, quail and pheasants and then you have to debate emu and peafowl.

70 chickens (Other poultry does not count here!) plus the discovery of an exiting place called "ebay"

= 40 hatching eggs


(While getting coffee, the cat walked in again and placed the winning bid on 40+ frizzled tolbunt polish hatching eggs.)

40 hatching eggs + 21 days = 20(+) chicks.

(After the tolbunt hatch, you realize those guys are so stinkin' cute you really should have more and set up a breeding program. Sooo....)

4 chickens + 2 chickens =
150 chickens and a 200 egg incubator on the way that that dumb cat accidentally bought!

(the 17 ducks, 5 peas, 3 geese, 7 turkeys, 5 pheasants, 15 quail, and 2 emu don't count)

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Originally Posted by csneill View Post

Until you get to the feed store to pick up said EEs and leave w 3 more chicks- just in case!

Yep.  I want these for a broody Orphington to foster, so she has to have, er 6, right?  Ha ha!

Location: NW Florida
Chickens since Feb. 2013
Location: NW Florida
Chickens since Feb. 2013
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That makes sense to me!
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So went from 34 to 3 due to fox. Dog got turken roo fox got white legion roo last summer. So had one lonely hen. Was given a silkie rooster. (2) +4 1 roo 3 hens. Got 4 ducks and 12 chicks. From tractor supple. Lady at store gave my 3 very sick from shipping chicks that didn't look like they had a chance plus one that the other chicks pecked its toes off. Lost 4 to unknown reasons. Sick chicks healthy and joined others missing toe chick ends up to be a roo. 32 eggs in Bator 6 hatch. ( fertility issues). Go to tractor supply again 6 more chick with 6 hatched. So let's see if my chicken math is correct I have 4 lol love me some chicken math
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Had 14 eggs incubating. Got 0% hatch rate. ☹️ I'm sure it's my human error on my first try. Ordered 6 welsummers straight run today. They come in May. Can't wait!
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So glad I'm not the only one! It all started with 6 babies then I lost one thus I was going to get 3 more because 1 loss=3 new chicks BUT then the man of the house built a huge coop and one of my babies looks an awful lot like a rooster! Can't have one rooster and 4 girls! Thus I brought home 6 more today! So with one loss and 1 possible rooster carry the 2 minus the square root of 4 plus pi I still only have 6 chicks that we started with! But they're probably going to be pets too so they're all basically cats and they're not laying yet so we just have 3 fish a dog and 7 cats!

Here kitty kitties!
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My husband is so mad at my chiChen math! I currently have 4 salmon faverolles. I can have up to 8 total comfortably in the coop. I got 6 buff orpingtons incase a few didn't make it. His words to me were, "you won't loose a chick,you never have and you always manage to save the ones that are sick!" Haha but I still want a few easter eggers......
*sigh* it's an addiction!!!!
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My 7 hens come running when I get home from work so I figure they're more like dogs. So w my 9 chicks & 6 more on the way- which is a straight run- cockerels could cancel out all. So I have 7 dogs + 2 real dogs & a cat. Should head to bomgaars this weekend I think!
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Chicken math we purchased a forclosed farm a couple years ago with a huge 2 story barn and 2 functional chicken pens. Last year I ordered 25 chicks mostly pullets received 27 lost 2 ended up with 5 roosters sold 4 pullets at 15 weeks old so have 15 hens and 5 roosters. Of course 4 roosters are in the second pen 2 are Jersey giants of course I then decide that chickens can pay for their own food and selling started pullets is a great idea. Roosters don't count so I have 15 chickens but if the same breed counts as 1 I actually have 5 chickens. So this year I wanted more chickens for selling eggs so I ordered 32 pullets for March then see that they have true blue whiting at McMurray and they were on vacation I couldn't change my order. so I order 6 and 15 ornamental layers assortment. Well my first shipment came I lost 2/3 due to cold snap on pickup day. So we go into tractor supply. They had assorted bantams (silkies) bring home 6 but they don't count and the ones I have left from my first shipment don't count yet either. Well if course I really wanted my Jersey giant flock so ordered 6 more female Jersey giants 6 rose comb brown leghorns 6 silver laced Wyandotte and 1 new hamshire red too because my chickens magazine says I can hatch sex link chicks with the Wyandotte and the roo. They will come in July. But if course I can't keep the silkies in with the big hens and their eggs are money so I order 16 more assorted bantams due to come in June for eating eggs but the won't add to my count. But if I am going to have all these chickens laying eggs to buy feed to feed the started pullets of course I needed to add another order for 25 assorted pullets to come in July . But if course I see info on a diy incubator in my chickens magazine so I had to try my hand at it have 5 eggs going in lock down Saturday all still alive. So all that being said I still have 5 chickens to date (15 hens 5 roosters 12 5 week babies 6 invisible silkies 4 more orders of babies) yay chicken math.
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Originally Posted by Lute View Post

I think I understand now. hide.gif  While out and about in Albuquerque today my boyfriend and I stopped in at the Tractor Supply store in Bosque. I'd gone there expecting to check out the supplies there, to look into prices on Layena with Omega 3 and check out the Incubators. I came home with 6 new "red pullets".

5 of 6.jpg
 6th and duckling.jpg

The duckling is my preexisting and last duckling from the "Quality Baits" feed store in Albuquerque (on Isleta) the other 3 died. The mirror is so she doesn't get lonely. These two seem to get along and the chick was the smallest of the group.

So with my also preexisting six I'm up to 12 chicks and a duckling. yippiechickie.gif  My sister thinks I've lost my marbles. 
I like those red pullets you have👍
I just got schooled in chicken math today myself! My wife and I drove to the TSC in Bradford Pa. today we have one in our town, but she wanted to go "look" at their stock!!!
Well we came back home with 6 black sex link pullets!
The 6 larger light chicks were from our Olean TSC last friday!
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