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chicken with vertigo?

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I have 6 young guys about 10 weeks or so all living together happily. One of them however is acting weird.... it runs around like normal the suddenly tips over. It also sometimes bobs and weaves and when laying down it lays with tummy on the dirt but head completely twisted upside down. I thought neck was broken but it seems okay. Its more like vertigo??? Any help?? Im worried sad.png **edited to add pics**


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Any chance the little one bumped it's head? I know that sounds like a stretch, but it's the one I have personal experience with- my little jersey giant went from healthy to "star gazing" and backing up and bobbing and weaving and I had found her jammed in a corner. I think she tried to fly out and knocked her noggin. I treated w/ prednisone as the brown egg/blue egg blog talked about and she cleared. She's still with me years after the event.

Beyond that, I'd make sure there's no vitamin deficiency. Have you checked the chick over? Make sure there's nothing stuck in the ear hole or nostril, that s/he can see normally, nothing wrong with butt or legs? It CAN flex it's legs to lay down, right? It just doesn't do it?

Hmmm... what a puzzler.

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