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The 'Lotsa Poop Chicken Coop' ***Poop Drawer Update***

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So I got chickens.  8 straight run, 5 of which are Lavender Orpingtons, and 3 Splash Red Laced Wyandotes.  They're 6 weeks old and I already think I 'might' know which ones are those dang roosters!


Here the birds are a week old, and It was time to build the coop.  Woot Woot Woot!



Chicken Coop 008.JPG




 Now, we've been in a drought out here, so it's no problem, I've got weeks.  Then the birds started growing, and it started raining.  Every Day!!!  Did I mention the birds were growing?  Like,,,really fast!!!


Then there was a break in the weather.  Me and the Wifey got out there and got busy.  I mean, how long could it take to build a coop and run???  Piece of cake.

Chicken Coop 003.JPG

I had already decided on my design.  The Wichita, Boisemarker, Bigghoss design seemed so popular and simple, that I decided on this design.  With a couple of modifications, of course, because I've never built a coop before and I obviously know what I'm doing!  What's ironic, is that I had lot's of innovative and creative ideas for my coop, then after surfing BYC for many weeks, I realized there are no new ideas.  It's all 'Been there, done that'.  My creative juices feel dehydrated!!  I need a beer!


First off, there were changes to address the weather.  All of the Kaleefornia winds blow through our little valley, so it had to be sturdy.  Real sturdy.  And it had to have a pitched roof.  Oh wait, I've never done that before.  But the guy at Lowes said I could do it, so I believed him.  Second, I realize all things are bigger in Texas, but not their Raccoons.  I have Sampson, Hercules, and Gargantuan, and we aren't even talking about the Possum, Skunks, Foxes, and those lovely Red Tailed Hawks.  Hmmmmm, and I still plan to free range.  Movin' on,,,,,,


So to start, we dug down into the DG. drove in rebar, and placed cinder block into the ground.  Then mixed concrete and filled the centers.  There will be no digging into our coop!


Chicken Coop 010.JPG


Notice how the Supervisor gets in all the Pics.  She's really on top of this worksite!!!


As I mentioned the wind in the valley, it was important to secure the coop to the cinder blocks.  This might not be Kansas, and I never met Dorothy and Toto, but the winds are really rude.  So I used Tapcot fasteners and drilled into the cinder blocks with a masonry bit.


Chicken Coop 015.JPG


Then it was time for some Lumber to go up.  Do you have any idea how much lumber can go into a Chicken Coop?  Yea,,,I didn't either.  The color is grey, 'cause we were trying to make the coop as close to the house as possible.  I used Cabot stain that I got at Lowes.  The advantage to this stain is that it smells just like those little chocolate pudding cups.  I can't, however, attest to the taste!


Chicken Coop 017.JPG


The previous owner had rocks everywhere as landscape material, so finding rocks to fill in the void was not an issue.  In the picture above we already have rocks, chicken wire, more chicken wire, landscape cloth, and then more rocks.  No shortage of rocks!!!  Then it was time to start the roof trusses.  It's roughly six feet at the sides, and seven feet at the peak.  After I measured the pitch, it came out to 26 degrees.  This was important, 'cause after this, everything will be a variable of 26 degrees.  I'm simple minded and like simple measurements.  Ask My wife,,,,,I'm measurement impaired!!!!!


Chicken Coop 018.JPG


Notice the peak board is short, but the bottom boards are long.  Hmmmm, I decided (after I cut the peak board), that I wanted gable ends.  I could have saved myself a lot of work if I'd planned for this, but I didn't.  More on this next.


Chicken Coop 025.JPG


Chicken Coop 026.JPG


Notice the 2x6 and 4x4 extentions using metal hangers.  What's a few more dollars for our boys and girls????


Chicken Coop 027.JPG


Now here was the first 'major' screwup.  I wanted to put in a ridge vent, but I hadn't purchased them yet.  So I put up the sheathing for the roof, and left too much of a gap at the top.  Even putting in trim boards up near the peak didn't work 'cause the ridge vents had nothing to nail in to.  Oh well, at least the roofing company gave me a full refund.  On the plus side, I got to use my new Pasload nailer and that was sweet!!


Chicken Coop 028.JPG


And finally,,,,,,,ready for some padding and shingles.


Chicken Coop 033.JPG


Oh,,,,but guess what?  It's started to rain.  And it will rain for 4 more days.  Did I mention the birds are still growing??????


Got the trim on.  At least I didn't return this stuff to the roofing company!


Chicken Coop 035.JPG



So let's cut to the chase.  After a smashed thumb, here's the roof,,,,,


Chicken Coop 036.JPG


And while my fat body still fits into the coop area, here's the obligatory wire mesh over the eves.


Chicken Coop 040.JPG


And of course my better half had to touch up the stain 'cause she was worried the birds might be upset if the paint job wasn't just right!!


Chicken Coop 041.JPG



STOP!!!  TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>







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looks great, doing a nice job!!

1 Silkie Rooster, 1 Bantam Brahma Rooster, 2 Blue Copper Marens Cockerels 1 Banatam Brahma pullet, 7 EE pullets,  4 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 2 barnyard x pullets, 10 Pearl White Leghorn hens, 5 Red Star Hens, 2 dogs, 2 horses, 4 sons, 1 grandson, and....Chicken Math has already taken hold here 




1 Silkie Rooster, 1 Bantam Brahma Rooster, 2 Blue Copper Marens Cockerels 1 Banatam Brahma pullet, 7 EE pullets,  4 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 2 barnyard x pullets, 10 Pearl White Leghorn hens, 5 Red Star Hens, 2 dogs, 2 horses, 4 sons, 1 grandson, and....Chicken Math has already taken hold here 



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I love your sense of humor and your coop     thumbsup.gif      Good job !

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Right off the bat I'd like to thank ya'll for all the nice comments.  Well, for both of Ur comments, but hey.......2 is better than none!!


I almost forgot.  I wanted to make the Coop floor strong.  After all, I got Orpingtons.  Those fat little birds could cave in a simple floor.  Remember,,,,more is better!!!  I used fill sand for the run floor.  That might have been a mistake.  Regardless, after I rake up enuff poop and sand, I can start throwing in playground sand, bag by bag.  By bag.  By bag.  Ohhhhhh, the pain!!!


Chicken Coop 038.JPG


So,,,it's important for everyone to understand the down side of this OVERPRICED wire/screen stuff!  These rolls cost us a lot of Starbucks!!!!


 Chicken Coop 042.JPG


 But it's all worth it, 'cause look how happy these birds are.  Ya know, I've never known an animal that spends so much time pecking and eating at poop.  I mean, my Lab did like to take those Tootsie Rolls out of the cat box, but it was nothing like these guys!!!


Chicken Coop 044.JPG


 Guess it's time to make a door, rather than leaning plywood against the door opening. I was feeling pretty good about my project, so I figured it was time to open a bottle of wine.  I chose Happy Camper Chardonay because 'A' it's cheap,,,,,and '2',,,it has a metal cap which makes opening the bottle a whole lot easier!  Well,,,,I had this door perfect, but I built it out of the doorway and I lost the square.  My second major bust.  Did I mention I'm measurement impaired??  It WILL be rebuilt, but there's other things to do right now.


Chicken Coop 045.JPG


Now, I got this stuff at Lowes as a remnant.  I figured the chickens wouldn't see it so it was OK for the Coop.  Looking at this I think you can see why it was a remnant.  I mean,,,,who would put this in their kitch.....or,,,um,,,,anyone here have this in their abode?  Good looking stuff, huh?  Nice contrast in color!!!!!!


Chicken Coop 047.JPG


Now it's time to put up some T-111 and cut out the pop door opening.  Figuring these dimensions out were amazingly complicated.  That is, for those of us that are measurement impaired.


Chicken Coop 049.JPG


This was also a challenge.  I thought I could build the Nesting Boxes, then install them.  I quickly realized that my Measurement Challenge Syndrome (MCS) would not allow this to happen.  So I built a little, stuck it into the opening, and I'll finish the rest of this PITA in the coop!!


Chicken Coop 050.JPG


Chicken Coop 053.JPG


Well,,,,,,what to do now?  I know.  I'll build the Coop door.  After all,,,I was so successful building the people door, this one would be a piece of cobler.  I like peach if anyone is interested.  So here's the door.  I'll let ya know if it fits!!!!


Chicken Coop 051.JPG


More screening in the coop.  Hey!  I paid for this stuff,,,I'm gonna use it!!!


Chicken Coop 052.JPG


Here's the wife making friends.  Pictured are Taco, Stir Fry, Parmesan, Fried,,,,Just kidding, Just kidding!!  Don't get Ur feathers in an uproar!!!!


Chicken Coop 054.JPG


So now I got T-111 on the backside.  Why only a half sheet you ask?  You ask??  I'm waiting.......  Oh, thanx for asking.  Stay tuned and I'll show ya.


Chicken Coop 056.JPG






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Wow, for having problems with measurements, that coop is turning out really nice!!!  I can only hope when we figure out what we are building that it will come out half as nice.  Can't wait to see the finished product.

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Those are some Grade A SPOILED chickens.  Might try Paris, Nicky, J-Lo, Kim etc etc for names instead ot Taco, Fried, and so on, LOL!  Nice lookin' coop ya got going there.

Pat Lowe
Dreamcatcher Arabian Horses LLC
Stillwater, OK


Pat Lowe
Dreamcatcher Arabian Horses LLC
Stillwater, OK

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wow lots of work but looks nice! I live near the Delta breeze Bay Area on a hill, my weather station logged our highest wind that I have at 41mph and our side fence blew down, good thing we still had the warranty so they repaired and bolted the fence post to the ground studs. Friends always tell me to get some wind turbines besides my solar panels.


anyways, hope to see more pics!

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So why the half board???  Here's why...............


Chicken Coop 003.JPG


It's a back door so I can scrape out the poop, then wash out the coop.  It opens and is secured to the hooks above.  The gold ones were hooks I've probably had for 30 years.  Don't worry, I bought white ones today that should aid in color coordination.


Chicken Coop 002.JPG


Chicken Coop 001.JPG



Now this is important.  This is the last side of the coop.  I ran out of trim boards, and will pick some up tomorrow.  But this means all that's left is fitting the coop door, building my poop board, finishing the nesting boxes, and putting up the roost board.  Well,,,then there's the ramp, but it's built and waiting to be installed.  The wife is so happy,,,,'cause then I'll be able to do some of the projects that I promised to do several months ago.  I DID promise,,,I just never said when!!!!


Chicken Coop 004.JPG






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Nice coop and those are some lovely hooks you've got there! 



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looking great.

Like you, I needed to get the coop finished quickly as the birds do grow so fast,

Can't wait to see how you fit the poop board inside so it is easily cleaned

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