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Green to Blue egg laying?

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I have one EE that has been laying green eggs since December, but today we got a blue egg. We also have 2 EE that are 3-4 months old. My question is can a hen's eggs change color from green to blue or is it possible that 1 of the pullets laid early with normal large size?
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My EE's started laying blue, now lay green eggs, no joke...want to swap? ;-)

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The color can vary because of the way it is added to the shell. The blue color is actually in the eggshell and is added first when the shell is formed, the green comes from a layer of brown on the outside of the shell that is added right before laying.
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Thanks for the responses. I did a search earlier and come up short, but I knew this site would know.  Now off to more reading.  I think I need to go to Chickens Anonymous. 

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