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unstable chicken

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can anyone help, we have a 2 year old chicken, she is rolling her head also very unstable, like she's drunk, any idea.

thanks jimbo2

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Have you checked her ears?
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Does it seem she lost control of her neck? Is she walking in circles or backwards? Does she put her head between her legs? Not sure without seeing her but could be the beginning of wry neck? I'm nursing one with wry neck now. Does it seem her neck is unstable? When you say rolling her head what exactly do you mean? When mine first came down with wry neck it seemed her neck was unstable. More information needed. Could be an inner ear infection or a vitamin defiency like wry neck. If the symptoms match you will want to give her vitamin E capsules liquid baby vitamins without iron like polyvisol and selenium to help her absorb the vitamin E. Also Bayer low dose children's aspirin can be given. If it is wry neck in worse cases predinsone can be given. I can't see your bird and more information is needed to know for sure. Look up wry neck and see if symptoms are matching your bird. Is it only her head or does the neck seem involved? Please be specific as possible in describing her. How is she walking? How is she laying down in what positions? How is her poo? How is her breathing? Any sounds when she breathes? Can she eat? Is she laying? More information would be helpful
Is she closing her eyes? Is her head down? Does the neck seem involved at all?
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ill do that right now, thanks

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her necks not that much of a problem, she is eating her eyes are ok, main problem is she looks like she has done a bottle of whiskey!

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