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I ordered my Chicks from Stromberg's Chicks & Game Birds Unlimited I read where a few people had said that Stromberg's gets their birds from Privett Hatchery
seeing this only worries me 😣😩😢I hope and pray my Chicks aren't in bad shape!! I ordered (6)Light Brahmas, (5) Black Jersey Giants, (5)Salmon Faverolles
I'm hoping that they'll be healthy. I also have Save A Chick Antibiotics and Electrolytes to add to their water for the next few days after their arrival. I was told to add sugar in a care sheet but someone told me that Save A Chick might be a better choice. I've only heard negative things, sadly and I realize people have their own opinions I just wish I heard more positive things. I too, have a Tractor Supply Comapny where I live but they weren't getting the chick breeds in which I desired. I checked with local feed stores and none had these breeds, so I found Stromberg's on-line requested a catalogue and started researching before ordering for the past year in a half. I must say that when it comes to Tractor Supply in my area they're awesome!! I love their workers and Igo into the store so much they know my fiance and I by name. I have faith and hope that my chicks will be healthy. I have a heat lamp (red) it's especially for keeping heat on chicks, I made a Brooder, bought medicated Starter chick feed, a waterer, a feeder and all purchased from Tractor Supply accept the Chicks.
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I ordered 50 chicks from them in January and I'm pleased so far. Combination of buff orpington, speckled sussex, barred rock, and silver laced wyandottes. Lost 2 out of the 51 they sent and the rest have been doing great!


 I'm doing a video series on them from 1 week of age to 8 weeks if anybody is interested I'll leave the link below.

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I bought 5 Black Australorps from IFA, my local farm store.  They get their chicks from Privett.  I bought pullets but of the 5 chicks 2 turned out to be roosters.  That's a 40% error rate on sexing!  I've checked out other hatcheries online and most guarantee and error rate of 10% and will refund the cost of the pullets if you get more than 10% roosters.  Unfortunately, when buying from a fee/farm store there's no guarantee.  I stopped by IFA yesterday to find out what hatchery they got their chicks from.  The girl in charge of ordering also ended up with 2 roosters out of 6 or 7 pullets.  She said other customers had come in and mentioned they got roosters when they were supposed to be pullets.  The chicks all appeared healthy, are growing quickly, and are thriving.  They are now 7 weeks old.


If I wanted straight run, I would have bought straight run.  I won't get chicks from them again.  I don't want any roosters.  I may keep one rooster if I one turns out to be nice because Australorps can be broody and I can then have them hatch and raise the babies.  But then I will end up with more roosters!


I hope your chicks all turned out be healthy and what you ordered!

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When I say "Show quality", I mean that the markings and coloring is correct, with the correct comb type, number of toes, color of legs, eyes, etc.

If you go to the Privett website, their price list has a disclaimer on it saying that they do not guarantee Show Quality birds.

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