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I have the same issue. My roo is now just over a year and getting quite aggressive. He has lived on his own for the year with no friends other than horses and my dog. We finally bought hens they are now 5 weeks old (still in brooder) I am really hoping this helps his attitude although quite skeptic about it. Im having a hard time with the thought of killing him. Praying this will give him some happiness. As well as me
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Lop his head off and stick a beer can up his butt.

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UPDATE: after being attacked by Rooty (my left leg will have scars to remember him by) and my bf being chased around house. Rooty is now in chicken Heaven.


thanks for all the support!:(

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I have a MEAN rooster . Being new to raising chickens my son and I bought 20 little red hens all females and we also bought 20 meat hens and the meat birds were not sexed as we found out. We ended up with more Roos than hens, a 13 to seven ratio. They were getting mean and fought each other and picked on the hens so we sent them to the freezer. We kept one and he is soooo nasty. My son likes having him around but I agree with the comments on this forum that he too should follow the rest of the Roos and go into the freezer. If he gets worse I will do him in myself. He has literally torn up a couple of hens so far and I separated them from the flock. I am afraid he may kill one of them at some point. My question is this: my meat hens are the common variety of meat hen and perhaps they should be in the freezer by now anyway? I have had them as chicks since the 3rd week of June. The Roo is not interested in the little red hens (bantams? the feed store who sold us the birds didnt know what breeds they were) but he will peck one if it passes by or gets in his way. He has pecked me on the leg a couple of times but basically he acts like a grumpy Roo with a formidable nasty air as he struts around looking like he is ready to take someone on. 

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Welcome!  Nasty birds need to be in the freezer!  If you have Cornishx meat birds, their survival rate is very low, and the freezer is the best place for them.  Post some pictures, maybe we can all help ID your birds.  Also, get the name of the hatchery supplying your feed store, and find out from them what breeds and types of chickens that you have.  Mary

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