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Parma OH Ordinances?

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Is anyone aware if Parma allows backyard chickens? I have read different things. When I went into City Hall, they told me that chickens aren't allowed. And if this is true, how to I go about changing it? It seems silly to me that in Cleveland you're allowed, but a suburb isn't.
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Did you make them show you the ordinance in writing? If not, don't take their word for it.
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I've seen the ordinance online. Strictly prohibits fowl of any kind along with pit bulls, any farm animal, etc. I am really disappointed because in Cleveland, you can have up to 6 chickens on 4800 sq feet lot. NO roosters. I guess I've got my work cut out to make some changes. But I'm up for the challenge. Urban chickens are allowed in most towns surrounding us. So I make take time, but I'm willing to dedicate that time to change something that is important to me!
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Let me know how that goes, I am having the same issue in Eastlake except the mayor told me they were more concerned with the budget than allowing chickens. If you find any information sheets around the web for use with this kind of thing let me know as well. I am going to start looking for some tonight so if I get a chance to talk to anyone I can have a sort of "fact sheet" to shoot down any "concerns" they have.

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There is a thread about the 4 most common concerns with backyard chickens. I will have to try and find it for you. The main thing I want to try and point out is that most other towns allow it, so why not keep with the times? Younger people are wanting to be able to keep backyard chickens, and if Parma wants to appeal to the younger crowd, they need to consider allowing urban farming.
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Following this!
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I've believe we can put up an online petition and submit it to our Mayor via our councilperson. Will search for the website and post it here for signing.
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Hit a snag. Don't know what happen to the online petition I created. I believe it got posted as Care2 on facebook.
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We live in Parma OH and we really want chickens.  I would love to help. Is there a petition?  And what else can we do.

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I would love it if we could get a petition going. We could also all meet since we all live in Parma and maybe write the ordinance as it is written in other cities to present it with the petition. If we get enough citizens aware and on our side, it should go over well.
My email is if anyone else would like to contact me.
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