Pros: Heritage breed, friendly, gentle, good egg producers (even in cold winter months), winter hardy, beautiful in coloring.

Cons: None. This is a MUST HAVE breed for every flock!

Buff Orpingtons are so friendly, do well in winter, and are a "Heritage Breed".  I honestly believe that anything hybridized has been compromised.  Heritage breeds are more hearty than production or hybrid breeds.  They display more traditional chicken behaviors, like foraging for food, being good setters (going broody easily), and roosting.  Heritage breeds lay eggs for more years than the poor hybridized production birds, but at a slower rate.  Buff Orpingtons are a heavy breed which means they get large.  They also become heavily feathered so they do very well in winter.  They tolerate confinement well which is also good for winter since many people don't free range while winter passes (I do.  My girls just hate to be locked up).  I keep our chickens food and water in the chicken run.  This brings them outside from the coop every day no matter what the temperature.  Even in the cold of winter, they enjoy being outside rather than in the coop.  They are considered a dual purpose bird (good for both eggs and meat).  Our girls of course are for eggs.  I just couldn't ever imagine them on our dinner plates!  We love them so. . . . .


Now those are all very important factors to considered while researching the breed you want, but what really put me over the top, was their personality.  They are said to be docile, friendly, and social birds.  They like to be held, petted, and will follow their owners around the yard.  They are great with children and very social.  I mean really!  With a spec sheet like that, why look anywhere else!!  Suffice to say, we LOVE our precious Buff Orpingtons.  When we decided that we were going to take a stab at the world of chicken raising, I had imagined that I wanted a really colorful egg basket.  I thought I'd like some pretty blue eggs, mixed with some dark brown eggs and light brown eggs.  I'd get a variety of birds so as to have a variety of egg colors.  Well, I can tell you from the heart that I don't care what color my eggs are, as long as they all come from Buff Orpingtons, because they are the only breed I ever want to own.  Buff Orpingtons lay large eggs which vary in color from brown, light brown, to pinkish brown.


Our hen's were handled and loved on every day since they were day old chicks.  As a result, they are so fun and a big part of our family.


Here are some pictures of this very special, productive and lovable breed:


Because our hens were all the same breed, and I knew they would be pets, I decided to use colored zip ties to identify who was who.  They day they came home, 3 of the girls were assigned a color and as they grew, I just used a little pair of wire snips to change a new zip tie.  It worked wonderfully.  I got the zip ties at Home Depot.


Did I mention that they are absolutely WONDERFUL with children?  Well, they are!







Buff Orpington's will come when called by their name, and can learn tricks like jumping for treats...



...and swimming in the pool!




Chickens are even fun in the winter! 





My girls are trained to come when I call them, so they can be safe in their run when I have to leave the house.  Check out this video as I call them into the chicken run.  


I almost forgot!  If you have cats (we have 2 who are outdoor and fully clawed.) your hens will establish a pecking order over the cats and they will live in harmony with the cats being submissive.  


In this photo, our kitty is wishing she had eaten them when they were just little nuggets:



And in this photo, our other cat was cowering in submission as the little pullets kept charging her.



Eventually, the cats will accept their submissive role and give the hens the respect they will demand.  If your cats are like mine, they may even join in on a dust bath!



Or share some treats with Them!





Their feathers are shiny and absolutely striking against the green of summer foliage.





Aside from bringing your newly hatched chickens home for the first time, there is nothing more exciting than finding that very first egg!!




Isn't it just beautiful?



A little known fact is that chickens are great inspiration for Halloween Costumes:


Yes, those are rubber glove feet!




There is no other chicken breed that can hold a candle to the breathtaking Buff Orpington!

photo Project2-1.jpg


It is my hope that every chicken owner who does not have a Buff Orpington, will consider getting at least 2.  You will be so happy you did!!!!



Our Country Chronicles


Pros: docile, quiet, great layers, sweet,

Cons: can get beat up by bossier chickens

I LOVE this breed.  I have pretty much decided that I will only keep orpingtons.  I am rehoming 3 of my other chickens because they are beating up on the orpingtons.  These guys will sit on my lap, they come running when I call them and are just overall great chickens BUT they may not do well in a mixed flock like what I have.  They are so docile that they tend to get pounded on by the others even with space to get away....  They are great layers and I have had 7-9 eggs per day all winter.  I will only be keeping orpingtons in the future. 


Pros: Gentle, Fat, Good Looking etc.

Cons: A lot of them look a like


Not the greatest picture but this is Honey above...she's so nice!


Pros: REALLY FRIENDLY!! soo cute and fluffy and lay huge eggs even in winter

These are the cutest breed ever! My two are sooo friendly like giant cushions, and they are always willing for a cuddle! They lay huge eggs even in the winter and make really sweet noises as they strut around the garden!! Would recommend to anyone!


Pros: Friendly, calm, quiet, 4 eggs a week, soft and smart

Cons: tend to be on the lower end of the pecking order

I absolutley love my Buff! She is the friendliest chicken out of all my breeds. She even loves my collie. She is very smart and will let anyone hold her. She is also very friendly with all of the other chickens and I feel like I could introduce any chicken and she would welcome them. The only bad part is that because she is so friendly some of the other hens ocasionally pick on her. I currenlty have a buff chick that I am raising and it seems like she si turning out the same way, friendly, fun and smart!


Pros: Winter hardy, sweet and docile, good egg layers

Cons: large birds, hard to tell apart without leg bands, bumble foot a concern

I love our buff orphingtons. Each hen provide us with about 5 large brown eggs a week. They are super friendly and allow the kids to carry them around, even though they are rather heavy. They tend to associate with their own kind and ignore my silkies with a regal turn of the head. Our birds are confined most of the time and they get along very well. All three of my buffs control the top tier of the pecking order, but do so with only a peck or two. Keep the perches low to avoid bumblefoot in large bodied birds like BO. They are very winter hardy.


Pros: Nothing that I can see

Cons: stand around a lot making them boring, not a good layer, prone to disease, not a strong breed, hard time getting on with any other breed

I have about 10 different breeds and I have to say, my 2 orpingtons are my worst.  There are many breeds that are better layers than them, better broodies than them, more active and fun to be with than them, better thinkers than them, more disease resistant than them, eat less than them and much better all rounders than them.  They are just boring,  Sure if you want something you can pick up and give a cuddle to, then get orpingtons, that's all they are good for.  My orpingtons have given me more trouble and problems than the rest of my flock put together (even though I've had them for less than 2 months).


Pros: doesn't peck; doesn't get pecked at, good egg layer, docile

Cons: always scrunches down and doesn't run when danger is nearby

I got one of these in may last year and she was docile from the beginning. We have never gotten a double yolk egg from her. she always lets you pick her up and will perch on your shoulder without becoming fiesty. she is escpecially good with small children who are gentle. very good breed, you should definately get them if you don't already. they really add some color to your flock


Pros: FRIENDLY, sweet, cuddly, lovable, great layers, large eggs, beautiful, soft birds, cold hardy, great foragers, not very broody, AWESOME!

Cons: Can get frostbite, jealous, loud,mean to other chickens, pecks others you hold instead of them, not broody,

The buff orpington is the best chicken breed I have ever owned!! They are so sweet, friendly, cuddly and awesome! They are on the jealous side meaning if I hold another chicken, they will come over and peck her. One of mine is very loud when she wants something and another one has gotten frostbite twice. They are large breeds meaning they will need a large living area. But, they lay amazing, large eggs. Mine aren't very broody but the breed is known for it's broodiness. I've had my buff orpingtons for three years and they have only gone broody twice. This breed will really slow down on laying in their third year. They are a healthy and beautiful breed! They also are great foragers and do well in either confinement or free range. The chicks are the sweetest and most curious chicks I have ever raised!


I recommend this breed to everyone!!!:thumbsup










Pros: docile, rather quiet, fluffy!

Cons: ??

Goldie is my snuggle girl.  She doesn't even mind my loud, goofy 5 and 7 year old boys' attention.  She'd probably plop on my lap for hours if I let her.  When my 4 girls were attacked by a hawk (through some team work and a very persistent Golden Sex Link, they are all fine), Goldie's feathers were everywhere.  It looked as though several chickens had been de-feathered all over my lawn and my living room (that's a funny part of the story).  The amazing thing was Goldie didn't look like she lost a single feather at all.  There is something to be said for a chicken with a snugglie personality and oodles of snugglie feathers to back it up.  She's a charm.


The original Orpington, the Black, was developed in England in 1886 and brought to the US in 1890. It was developed from Langshan-Rock-Minorca crosses. Today Buff, Black, White, and Blue Orpington's are recognized color varieties.

Breed PurposeDual Purpose
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeLarge
Egg ColorLight Brown
Breed TemperamentFriendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Docile
Breed Colors/VarietiesUSA APA: Buff, Black, White, BlueSplash in not recognized at this time.Also there are a few other colors of Orpington Projects under way in the USA as of today.Visit:www.hinkjcpoultry.com
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
APA/ABA ClassEnglish
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Jubilee Orpington Hen   owned by Autumn Farm Orpingtons





Pure English Spangle/Mottle Hen Owned by Autumn Farm Orpingtons


English Spangle/Mottle chicks   owned by Autumn Farm Orpingtons



Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Dual Purpose
Comb: Single
Broodiness: Frequent
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: Medium
Egg Size: Large
Egg Color: Light Brown

Breed Temperament:

Friendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Docile

Breed Colors / Varieties:

USA APA: Buff, Black, White, Blue Splash in not recognized at this time. Also there are a few other colors of Orpington Projects under way in the USA as of today. Visitwww.hinkjcpoultry.com

Breed Details:

Developed as a dual purpose breed, Orpington's make fair table fowl and are excellent winter layers of large brown eggs. They have very laid back personalities and make great family pets. The Buffs are especially good in this regard.