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We took the idea from Australian You Tuber -Rob Bob and added some features.

In-Coop Bucket Feeder 



This bucket feeder we built is to be placed inside the chicken coop and out of the weather. It completely eliminates feed mess and waste. The 4-gallon bucket feeder takes up as much space as a large chicken does.  It must be place up as high as the chicken head and supported are the chickens will not knock it over.


Three-Way Bucket Feeder  



This feeder works the same as an In-Coop Bucket Feeder, except it is larger.  It is a 6-gallon bucket and three (3) elbows and has a base that is built to be the perfect height that the chickens like to eat. Since it is taller, stabilizing bars are installed in the base to keep the chickens from turning the feeder over.  The three partitions in the bucket can used to separate different kinds of feed.   

Oyster shells can go in one partition, Scratch in other and Pellets in the third. The Chickens eat the feed they desire, when they want. 


All-Weather Bulk Barrel Feeder  



This is same feeding design as the In-Coop Bucket Feeder, but done with a 15-gal barrel.    It is design for the Oregon’s wet weather.  You can put 100 lbs of feed in the feeder so you do not have to get wet to feed your flock.