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Need help in Colorado for my Sweet Golden Polish "Denver"

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I am reaching out in hopes that I can find someone in Colorado that would like to take my favorite little hen.  She has had a hard time from day one with this flock.  We have 5 different breeds and two are Golden Polish.  They are beautiful sweet girls but they get picked on for looking different.  The hens have had to be mainly kept in their coop for the last 10 days because of major construction on our house outside (not safe for them) The more aggressive breeds finally decided to take it out on my weakest Polish last night.  I'm so sad and it will be so hard to let her go but I don't know what else to do.  If I remove one that is pecking then another starts in on her.  She is just the weakest and lowest on the pecking order.  The other Polish who is her sister is also being pecked so she may get to the point to move to another home as well.  Not sure on her yet.  I have tried it all at this point, vicks, peck no more, spray antiseptic, removing her, nothing is working.  

She was pecked last night to the point that she only has one feather on her tail ;-((((

I don't honestly know how she has made it this far.  I understand that at this point it is being selfish for me to keep her.


Please if you would like to help take this sweet gorgeous girl and get her feather's grown back I promise she is just the sweetest girl and will do well.  I really think she needs someone who can give her attention and keep her separate from the others until she is healed up.  Could take a while, I'm really not sure.

All of our chickens were hatched in spring of 2014.  My polish "Denver" is Black and Orange with a blue speck.  She is strictly a pet and I would like for it to stay that way.  We built them a beautiful big home and they hang out in our backyard and play with our kids.  They sit in our laps and are very friendly chickens.  They are all good layers as well.  We get 4-6 eggs a day usually from our 6 girls.  


Please let me know if you are interested in this!  My kids and I are heartbroken with this decision but I have to get her somewhere safe.  My flock is obviously not it.  


Here are some photos of my baby Denver

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By the way I am open to advice!  I have placed her in the yard tonight with the others to get them all out and about.  I have never actually seen her being pecked so it must be happening at night.  I have a perfect view of the coop just a small distance away from my kitchen window.  With three young kids I spend a lot of time cooking so I can't understand why I can't see one of them pecking her.  

Anyway, open to any and all advice.  I will not let her sleep in the coop.  Will bring her back into the closed up coop in the garage tonight and until I can find her a new home.  

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This is her now :hit




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Where are you in CO?  I am in Windsor, I might be able to help...I'm a sucker for the bottom of the pecking order!  Just ask my Buff O!

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Yes! Where in Colorado are you?!
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