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Those pics are really good. The vent over the nest boxes, under the eaves, is perfect. Nice and big but protected by the overhang.

You have a good amount of ventilation but you're forced to cover half of it to keep out the weather. It kind of defeats the purpose of having it. It sounds like most of your wind and rain come from the backside where your human door is. That is also the side with the least overhang. I'd consider enclosing that side completely and install a window or vent on the opposite side instead. The new pics show it has a larger overhang on that side and if it doesn't usually get as much wind from that direction then you'll get good ventilation with less rain blowing in. I like a lot of natural light in the coop so, though I'd close in the backside to keep out the wind, I'd probably still put a working window on that side or install some plexiglass to allow light in.