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That's a lot of mice.  Good job in turning them up.  Not all hens are so predatory.  I once caught a mouse dragging 7 babies that were clinging to her fur.  I dumped the whole mess of them in the cockrel grow out pen.  They all gathered around, and watched in amazement as this big mouse continued to drag the 7 babies to a place where she could hide.  They discussed the matter thoroughly.  I can interpret their conversation.  "What the H?  Hey, George... get a load of this!!  New fangled snack?  Fast food?  Naw, too slow!  Bugs?  Never saw a hairy bug before!  Fred, you try one.  Nope, not gonna do it!  Bob?  Not me!  HEY MIKEY, let's get Mikey.  He'll eat anything."  Apparently, Mikey didn't like the looks of them either.  Mean while, hubby came home to tell me that there's a mouse living in the CAR since Sunday night.  


Lindsay, what ever you do, don't fall down in your coop.  If you do, be sure to cover your eyes!

Haha! Your chickens seem a lot more chill than mine. They chase the wild birds out of the yard, and even squirrels. I do think about my eyes when my face is close to theirs. . . Scary!!