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Burlington, Ontario

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Starting a new thread for this as I saw some conversations about it in the welcome area but we really need to keep them in this section. Conversations are like chickens... they will stray if you don't fence them in.


I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and I've been told that keeping chickens will be against the local by-laws. In fact, I emailed the city and this was their response...



Good afternoon,

If you live within city limits, chickens are not permitted to live on your property. Your property must be zoned agricultural to be allowed to house chickens. For more information you can go onto and look under by-laws.


But actually, I did. I searched for any by-laws concerning chickens and I could not find anything that even mentions them. So, I asked for her to provide me with the actual by-law or zoning law that references chickens... or 'livestock'.


The funny thing about the word 'livestock' is that it implies that the chickens are part of a commercial farming operation. Websters defines 'livestock' as "farm animals kept for use and profit". I wonder if I could use that as a technicality since it could be argued that the chickens would be kept as pets. Don't mind those nasty little eggs... maybe the local by-law officer would help me 'dispose' of them? ;-)

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Word back from the city...



You will find it under 60-2005 Schedule B. If you go onto the Burlington website and search 60-2005, then go to Animal Control. It has a list of all animal related by-laws including restricted animals.
Chickens fall under the family “Galliformes”.


Sure enough, Schedule B lists 'galliformes' on the restricted list. Restricted but not Prohibited... which means that if you live in a part of Burlington that is outside what they consider the 'urban' area, then yes, you can have them.


Looks like I'll have to do some research into how to get a by-law amended.

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Have you started to challenge the city about this?
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Originally Posted by Kaydence View Post

Have you started to challenge the city about this?

Unfortunately not. Other things have come up and I really have no idea of where to begin. I suppose that some sort of public awareness campaign might be in order... so that I could get some signatures from other residents who would be in favour of some sort of amendment to the by-law. Until then, I can't imagine that a city counsel would consider a request from one crazy guy who wants chickens in his backyard.

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I'd say hell with them and just do it! I have a bylaw here also but all my naibours know I have chickens and they love the idea. I started with 2 this year. And I may up it next spring. Just remember to keep the coop clean and no one will know..
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Heads up! Looks like Lee Valley in Burlington is putting on a seminar on this... It makes me wonder what good a seminar will be if most of the attendees are blocked by bylaws from doing anything.


Just thought that I'd post this here for anyone who would appreciate it.


Suburban Chicken Keeping
3 hours
  Thursday, February 2, 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Knowing where your food comes from and trying to buy local has led to increased interest in keeping animals for food in the suburbs. Before starting your own backyard farm, you need to consider bylaws, neighbors, predators and more. Join Dan Pryce as he shares his experiences on keeping chickens, quail, ducks and rabbits in his suburban yard. Dan will discuss appropriate breeds, coop design, local ordinances and bylaws for the Burlington area. Bring your questions!
Fee: $30.00
Dan Pryce has transformed his suburban house into a homestead. In addition to raising chickens, rabbits and quail, Dan grows as much fruit and vegetables as he can fit in his backyard. Trained as an industrial designer, Dan applied his trade to building chicken coops, garden structures and trugs. His company Spade & Feather ( is where he sells his coops, trugs, quails and other eclectic items. When he's not farming, Dan teaches wood and metal working at Humber College.
Seating is Limited
Please register early to avoid disappointment.

To purchase tickets call: (905) 319-9110
Unless otherwise stated, previous experience is not required to participate 
in seminars and attendees should be 16 years old or older.
Seminar tickets are not available online. 
Beverages are provided at our seminars and a light
sandwich lunch is provided at all-day events.
Please discuss any special dietary needs
with the staff at time of registration.
In an effort to reduce waste, we encourage you to bring in
your own coffee mug and/or refillable water bottle.
We require that you wear closed shoes
(e.g. running shoes) to all seminars.
Prices are subject to HST.
48 hours notice required for cancellation refunds.
We reserve the right to reschedule seminars.
Lee Valley Tools Ltd.
3060 Davidson Court
Burlington, ON
(North of Q.E.W. off Guelph Line)
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