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Thanks all for the help. He's song much better. She's laying eggs almost aily and eating and drinking. They devoured turkey legs we gave them last night.
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I hope for the best! Anyway, don't be upset with yourself. How did the dog get to your chickens? If it doesn't belong to you, I'd have a serious talk with the owners...or take the dog to a shelter if it is relatively friendly, it may be rehomed. If it was your dog, just make sure it doesn't get a chance to hurt your chickens.
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It's a little chihuahua smaller than the chicken. She's never bothered them before. It was totally out of the blue. I have several dogs that need homes and am trying to rehome them. They are all good with the chickens until this last incident
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Oh my goodness...I'm sorry. What breeds do you have? I may be interested in a dog.
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i love learning-- i just want to thank you(s) for mentioning the LACK of pain-relief additives  --- VERY good info for people like myself who usually think "more is better" ;)

"what i am is what i am..."   -- Alice Cooper
"what i am is what i am..."   -- Alice Cooper
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Originally Posted by LeafBlade12345 View Post

Oh my goodness...I'm sorry. What breeds do you have? I may be interested in a dog.[/quo

I have 3 chihuahuas that need to go, mom and her 2 puppies 1 boy N 1 girl. Just saw this post sorry
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I see. I'll get back to you if I find any openings nearby...where do you live?
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We are close to san antonio texas
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That's a little too far for us...but I hope you find your dogs good homes.
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I've treated wounds like this before. Firstly, get saline solution, wash out the wound, use a syringe without the needle to squirt water into the wound.


Once clean, do not stitch it up - or you will lock in bacteria.


Antibiotics are really good if you can get them from your vet as they will stop infection - dog / fox teeth can infect a wound.

Metacam (it has this name in the UK) is a pain killer that can also be used to deal with the shock, again from your vet.


Leave the wound open, cut away feathers near it and leave alone.


Wash two / three times per day with saline solution (you can buy bags of this from your vet). The idea is to keep the wound clean but also to keep it moist to allow it to ooze / get rid of bacteria and promote regrowth from underneath, therefore pushing the infection out.


Eventually, the skin re-grows.


Good luck!

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