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Sick chicken???

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I think my chicken might be sick. She has a pale shrunken comb and is not laying eggs, she sometimes wheezes but just a bit and tires kinda easily. It seems as she has gained weight. She been like this for a while. At first we thought she stopped laying because we ate her best friend then winter came then we got new chickens but this has happened over a year and she has symptoms as if she's sick. She seems pretty happy. But I've done a lot of research for a while and can't figure out what she has. None of the other chickens have or had it. Do any of you know what it is, Thanks.
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It could be all sorts of things, but she might have worms, a fungal disease from mold called aspergillosis that can cause gasping, she may be laying internally which can cause ascites or fluid in the belly that can lead to difficulty breathing, or something like fatty liver disease that causes a decrease in laying and and liver disease. I would probably star by worming her with Valbazen 1/2 ml once and then again in ten days. Give her some vitamins and probiotics. Is her belly swollen like it might be full of fluid, and does she have difficulty walking and getting around?

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Ya her belly seems a bit big but not too much. She also has a bit of trouble walking around.
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Thank you so much.
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Does anyone else have an idea of what she might have. I just want to have all the possibilities so I can research them all.
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