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I'm so jealous! My two EE have stopped laying since the days got shorter. Congratulations to you! What a gorgeous egg.

I heard if you want your girls to lay more in winter without stressing them is give them cayanne peppers (the seeds or powder) in their food. Apparently it reactivates their organs and protects them from getting sick! My rir and some other girls are stopping too so I might try this myself lol. Thanks for the kind words;)
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Update: she stopped laying after a while and my dad and I caught her and her sister (who didn't lay then at the time) secretly getting into the neighbors yard to look for a nest. My guess is that her and her sister were being bad girls and either laying in the neighbors yard or considering it; but in any case we clipped their wings and put them both in a confined coop with a newer nest full of bedding/a privacy curtain and to my delight both layed eggs!!! But they are different colored eggs!? I guess ee sisters get different genetics (though they look almost identical hens)
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