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Trying to buy 48" chicken wire online - Page 2

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I unfortuntely bought the 2 inch mesh for the roof. roll of 150 feet... so Sorry... ( called over phone, sight unseen) CAUSE WILD THIEVING mite carrying etc WILD birds are constantly coming thru and its so flimsy... wish I would have did the 1 inch for the roof. But then again I saw tiny birds go thru the ONE inch Poultry wire  6 ft wide too, I believe... rolls 150 ft long. Local farm store ordered from" Central Farm supply" on the other Run.....

But the 1/2 hdw cloth is stiff but better... I special orderedd that in 100 ft rolls or 50 ft rolls.One local place only has the hdwe cloth in100 ft rolls. wow its heavy to handle

 later I saw TSC special order display.... IT HAD A WIRE WITH AN APRON.....

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1/2" is the way to go.

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