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black hard tumor ;(

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A few months ago i bought a young rooster that formed a hard black tumor like growth on its back near the start of the tail feathers. The feathers were growing differently and covering it up so i didnt realize the growth until way too late... now today i saw a hen with a parting in her feathers and she has the same thing... anyone with any ideas?

so dissappointed ;(

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A picture might help us help you.
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Are these black growths near the vent? Pictures are needed. If you cannot post one, google prolapsed vent in chickens.

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The lump is on the chooks back where the fine feathers are...thankyou for your replies 

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Looks like it could possibly be mites/lice. The hard lumps could very well be a build up of parasite feces and eggs. Have you seen any crawling on your birds.

You may have to soften the eggs/feces/hard part with some type of oil like coconut, olive, etc. You would need to treat your birds, as well as, take out all the bedding and clean & treat the coop, then put in fresh bedding, you may need to do this more than once. If you haven't done so, provide them with a clean area to take a dust bath.


Here are a couple of links that have photos and outline treatment for lice/mites:

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@amm1976, can you clean it, pluck all feathers from it and around it, then post new pictures?

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no im pretty sure its not mites or lice ... honestly looks like a tumor on its back...

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Originally Posted by amm1976 View Post

no im pretty sure its not mites or lice ... honestly looks like a tumor on its back...

Is it on the back by the base of the tail? Of so, it could be an infected/abcessed preen gland.

Or perhaps a feather cyst?
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I 'am having the same issue tonight with 4/6 hens and my rooster. They are pecking at the base of their tails and it looks like a hard black bump, but some are showing pinkish stains which looks like bleeding. I just saw it tonight and the coop has low lighting. I just put down DE, a base layer of large dried pine shavings, topped off with fresh straw (yesterday). DE lightly layered. I am a brand new hen mom and I love them so much. Yes, they have names and are free range and otherwise quite healthy. Amber Whites, two years old, living in central Indiana. Will give out phone number if someone can help. Will post pictures in the morning when I can get them in the light.
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