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Wanting to start mini plant hobby, any suggestions?

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I wanted to start a hobby growing mini plants, as I stated above. Before I can do that, I need an idea of some plants that are small and can preferably be kept indoors. The tinier the cuter! I love seeing those tiny setups of small, sometimes colorful plants in an organized pile of moss, rocks, etc. So if anyone knows anything about this, please share the plant and it's basic requirements. Thanks!
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I used to grow chillies. There are plenty of species that only grow to 10cm with very nice flowers and colourful fruits.

Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
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You do not disclose your location,  but if you lived in  Washington,  Oregon, Colorado,  and Washington DC.  You would have  less restrictions on what you can grow. 

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Ok, good to know. I live in Florida.
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I read about bonsai (miniature)chili plants; I was thinking of growing the rainbow one and trimming it. Anyone know how to grow those? I'm also open to other suggestions. I adore tiny moss gardens, so if I can add that to the plant's habitat that would be great.
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What do you think of these. They are in the cactus, succulent plant family.. soda can for size reference.

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Cute! Do you know the name of the plants? Also how do you care for them (including how you made their setup)?
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Here are a couple more.    I don't remember all the names, but they are from the cactus succulent plant variety..   I could find out later .    The 2 round cactus with flowers came with those flowers,   They are natural dried flowers but fakes .   DD  brought them from Arizona road trip.   The one with lil rooster guarding it  is from the  Agave family.  You could probably make  1/100 of an ounce of tequila  out of it. :lau

The  burgundy flower in the back is called some type of clover.  (not sure exactly)  It is flowering right now.

Care for these is simple.    Get whatever container ( I like to repurpose  anything I have to make it UNIQUE)  and plant them together.   Use potting medium similar to what plants came in.   (rocky and sandy for cactus)   Most do not need too much watering.   Apply fertilizer  sparingly.  Overdoing with it changes miniature to  HUGE.

These small plants are often available at Walmart or other store gardening departments.   They are reasonably priced.

I keep mine in front of a window.  You having warmer climate can keep these on your patio.

Rooster is about 2 inches tall.

These plants  are over 2 years in my home. They were somewhat smaller when first planted.


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I love your collection cavemanrich! I intend on having a mini garden with a pond for baby fish (in the future). Do you think the cactus ones would do fine with moss? If not I can always make separate sections, like tropical, forest and desert plants.
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Great Idea  on making a tropical forest  replica.   Make multi  level and separate compartments to accommodate for   the different watering  requirements.  I can already envision a  multi tier  circular planter ..   If you are handy in crafts, you can make  one from clay, plaster of Paris, or cement.   The natural look will hide all imperfections,(known only to you.)  You can just make the planter to accommodate the plants in their pots they came in.  Cover the exposed top of pots with  mulch, or organic peat.   Suggest that you use clay pots if you go that route.   Replacing  plastic pots with clay ones will  allow roots to  function better and hold moisture for prolonged time VS plastic.

This sounds soo exciting, I'm thinking of making one for my Summer patio. :)  I'm getting Ideas I didn't have before.  


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