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Yay! Broody jap hen discovered today

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So excited!! My jumbo jap hen is currently sitting on 4 eggs now, one of her own and 3 from other hens that should also be fertile. I picked the eggs I thought would hatch female quail.

Hopefully she'll sit on them until they hatch 😄
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Nice! I hope you get lucky. Doesn't look like the typical successful hatch setup though. But if she does stay on the eggs for long enough for chicks to be a possibility, I'd be worried about the wire. The chicks might be able to slip through. And I wouldn't dare make any changes until the chicks have hatched, out of fear that that would cause her to leave the eggs. The other quail might kill the chicks too. And again, I wouldn't dare remove them, unless it can be done very quietly, in the opposite side of the cage or something..

Did she get broody on just one egg? That's quite unusual..

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Oh I've been in and out of her cage, giving treats usual fresh fruit and vegetables, topping up the wood shavings of the dust bath trays. Lol it's not a usual set up because it was total surprise. She was originally in there with a whiteXgolden roo and a flighty golden hen (see pic), but I've since removed them as she seemed to be "yelling" at the roo to stay away... And snappy like "watch out!!" at the Golden hen when she came close to the nest of eggs.
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I didn't know I shouldn't touch them or disturb their space. I get all up in their business and talk to them, everyday and pats too haha, the husby hates me getting attached but I think a bit extra care and love doesn't hurt... Afterall I got surprised by this hen getting broody.... But of course, her broodiness could just also be coincidence too lol.
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I hear you about the wire, I was concerned about that too but I'm thinking I'll take the chicks in and keep them in a brooder under lights.... Otherwise newspaper with paper towel on top to take away slipperiness.

There's no chance of chicks getting attacked, there's no quail close enough and mamahen is in the cage by herself now.

Can you please suggest what a successful hatch setup would be like? I am all up for learning more and thanks for your advice and comments 😄

Maybe if she's happy to, I'll just keep her as my broody hen and put more eggs under her?? Is that even possible? Lol .... See how it goes, this is my first time with quail flock and first time with a broody hen.
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She got broody on 4 eggs. But I removed 3 of hers and replaced with bigger fertilised eggs from other hens.

This morning I put another 3 eggs from other hens in front of her and asked her to "please sit on these eggs too" she looked at me, then looked at the eggs and roll them beneath her with the other 4 eggs.

And yes, some people think it crazy, but I talk to all my quail. I don't know if they understand me or not, but I like to think they can kind of, like my cat and dogs 😄

I selected eggs with special shape as I'm hoping to hatch more hens than roos lol if this all works, I'll more than thrilled 😄😄
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Just went tu check on the quails, collected another 6 eggs today and put one more egg in with the broody hen. She's doing well, was up and about to eat and drink. Had a dust bath then went back to gather and sit on the eggs again 😄
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When you add eggs later, those eggs are likely to hatch later - and that means mommy is likely to have left the nest to care for the chicks that already hatched, before the last eggs hatch, and so they might die in their shell just one day short of hatching, provided that any of the first 4 eggs hatch. So if you have an incubator, I'd keep that ready when hatch day approaches, and then I'd watch the hen very closely to be able to move the eggs to the incubator as soon as she gives up on them. If she already has chicks and you hatch more in the incubator, she might be willing to take are of the new chicks as well if you place them with her once they are dry and running about.

The 'typical' successful hatch setup doesn't have a wire bottom. I don't have coturnix myself, but I've been reading this forum for months and in that time there has been several posts about broody coturnix hens, most of which have been housed in large, uncrowded, not wire bottom cages/aviaries. If your hen only had two cage mates, I guess the uncrowded thing matches, but the wire bottom is unusual.

I's a good thing you were able to get the others out without causing her to leave the nest.

When you say you want to take the chicks in and keep them in a brooder under lights, does that mean you don't intend to let the hen try to raise them? I think you should give her a chance, but I would probably make another cage for her and the chicks - one that doesn't have wire on the bottom and the first ~10 cm. of the sides. But it will be risky to have her hatch the chicks in the cage she is in, the chicks could fall through the wire and die before you even know they hatched. Or they might just walk on top of it and look like I'm a complete idiot for worrying about it ;) 

I'm not convinced that newspaper on top of the wire would fix the problem, the mother could cause the newspaper to move so they could still fall through the wire, or they could walk through the wire on the sides and not the bottom. Or they could get caught between the wire and the newspaper.. But again, maybe I'm just worrying too much ^^ 

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Yes I added eggs but only the next day and considering quail eggs hatch anywhere between 14-17 days, I think it will be ok but I'll keep an eye on it. I'll be happy if any hatch 😊

I don't have an incubator, but I'll set one up. I'm sure it won't be too hard as by that stage they won't need turning.

I don't think the chicks will fall through the wire is only like 1cm x 1cm max.

I'll take photos when I check on her tomorrow
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Day 3. I went to check on her this afternoon and she's still sitting on the eggs so it's looking positive. She seems to be eating and drinking well too 😊
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