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Is this a normal moult?

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Hi folks - this is Peony, my lovely 18th mth old Australorp.
She appears to be going through what I think is a moult but I'm not sure?! I seem to recall noticing feathers missing on her chest around September October (Australia spring). It was also around this time she got tapeworm. Was treated along with everyone else but they appeared again in November so she was treated then too. In December she got a respiratory disease that affected everyone although all but one appear to be through that now.
I took these photos the other day I don't think her feathers are growing back at all. Some appear to have snapped off even.
I disinfected the coop a couple of weeks ago and spread DE dust around under the wood shavings. I also sprayed with a soapnut and neem oil solution. Plus the girls all got a bath with a bit of neem oil.
She's also the only one I've seen laying the last few weeks.

Is this normal or something I should be worried about?
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looks ok to me.

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