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unusual chicken behavior

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My aloha chicken has been acting strange. For the past two mornings he hasn't been singing at the crack of dawn. He's usually singing all day,he even starts screaming back to a little bit of noise. He also usually eats all day and screams for more food so sometimes i fill his bowl 2-3 times a day, he is only eating half his bowl now, he's been sitting in the same spot in his cage since i left at 6:30 this morning. I have no idea what's going on with him because he's never acted like this. Anyone please.. any suggestions help!
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he might needĀ  be wormed or be lacking vitamins I have had roosters do that beforeĀ and I just buy mine vitamin supplements and give to them is his head swollen

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Cage him for a day or so, and look at his droppings for diarrhea or blood. Feel of his crop in his right upper chest to see if it is emptying normally overnight. Check him for tiny insects (mites or lice.) Look for any respiratory symptoms such as watery or foamy eye, nasal drainage, sneezing, or noisy breathing.

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Please help, yesterday i let him walk around the house he sang and ate alot, today he hasnt touched his food and just pooped for the first time when i took him out. His chest is flatning and just a week ago his chest was getting really big, he was gaining weight, and now he looks so small all over again. I am so scared i dont know whats going on
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he has no mites, lice, foamy or watery eye, but he is sleeping all day that is all hes been doing. Nothing wrong with his breathing i have no idea whats happening!sad.png
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Did u change his feed if not I would say he has worms and needs to be wormed because usually if a chicken loses weight like that he usually has worms u should buy some rooster booster poultry wormer and give it to him good luck and best wishes sincerely rooster 2011
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Someone please help!!! My chicken is very sick ive gave him vetrx, lice and mites spray, nutridrench vitamin medicine, and vitamins and electrolytes for stress and weather changes, ect. He has no energy to wake up and cannot keep his balance when he tries to walk. Hes been like this for two weeks now. Hes skin and bones and wont eat. Ive been forcing medicine in his mouth but it hasn't been working!!
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He has white and green watery diherea but has no respitorial problems as to breathing i cannot hear anything wrong. The other day he ate rice mixed with a plain yogurt and was not acting himself, he was so active flying arounr everywhere and running around, the next day he was back to sleeping and energyless
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