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2 new baby chicks

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I recently got 2 baby chicks on 2/12/16. I have a heat lamp for them, and its 75 watt. Is this watt good enough? :jumpy 

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The temperature at chick-level should be 95 degrees F, and it should be lowered 5 degrees every week.

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If you have them in your house then it's probably okay. If you live where it is cold and they are in an outside brooder, then it's probably not enough.  Watch your chicks. If they are huddled together under the lamp then they may be too cold. If they sleep as far away as they can get then it's too hot. Use a thermometer directly under the lamp. It should be around 95 degrees the first week.  ;)

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Thanks! I live in california so its kind of hot over here, and they live in the sun room (not in direct sunlight) :D

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