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First Time Chick Parents, Spring 2016

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Hi! I thought it would be fun to have a thread for us newbies getting Day Olds this spring smile.png We can chat and post pictures of our birds growing up!
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My hatch date is April 21st!
I have changed my order once, deciding not to get ducks.

I am expecting...
5 Silver Laced Wyandotte
5 Ameraucauna
5 Blue Cochin Bantams

The Blue Cochin Bantams will be straight run. I hope to have a dozen laying hens!

I also have one Silkie Cockerel, he will be 1 in July. I had a rescued Buff coloured Cochin bantam last summer and someone gave me the Silkie too to keep her company. The hen died so now the Silkie lives as our pet, inside the house smile.png
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Hi neighbor! New to having chickens , hope to get 6 more girls this spring!🐔🐣🐤
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Hi hope I can chime in. Sorry I'm not new to chickens but my hatch date is April 11th. I'm still just as excited and love to be a part of this thread. I am doing something new though. I'm going to brood with a thermostat controlled heating matt. smile.png Brand new way for me.Let's all share experiences when our chicks come smile.png. I might even be able to help out a bit if any questions? I just can't wait for April!! Hubby is building a larger coop and run! I'm really looking forward to the new coop!! I'm expecting 7 barred Rock hens and one suprise layer. I have Silkies now.
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I,m new! Only got my first chickens last May, maybe you can teach me.🐔
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tolbunt candy corn polish
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Hi, I'm also a newbie. We get our very first chicks next week. We may be crazy, but we are getting 50 straight run RIR. Plan to have most of them become meat chicks in mid-May and may keep a few for eggs. I'm so excited I can't hardly sleep all night. Just keep learning things on this website. Hope we do it right!
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How exciting!! I have to wait until April 11. sigh..seems like forever! all these precious pictures!!♡♡♡♡ oh I can't wait!!! I'm hoping mine arrive alright! they have a loooong trip!
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Originally Posted by FrancenPants831 View Post

tolbunt candy corn polish

They are absolutely the cutest little precious faces!♡♡ looks like they have a tiny wig on their heads! oh my gosh! I'm in ♡♡LOVE
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Do you have any polish? I have had a pair once a golden laced and one silver laced great chickens! They are smaller chickens bUT they lay surprisingly well for such a small beautiful bird.most friendly and best personalty of all the breeds I've raised!
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