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Heat Lamp to Heat Plate

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Hey all I have read through a lot but wanted to start a new thread. We are using a Rubbermaid tote as our brooder and the chicks have been in it since Tues there are 10 days old, we have 6 RIRs.I purchased a premier heat plate as the light is to much, we have them inside and the room temp is 70 but the heat lamp even heats the room up. I am going to try to switch tomorrow has anyone done this and what worked for you. They seem to be doing good with the heat lamp but being inside I am worried about fire and think the plate will help them settle a little better.
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I have switched from heat lamps. I use a heating pad cave instead of plate but same concept. First few nights you will have to show them where the plate is by sticking them underneath. Check on them every 10 minutes or so until they all settle down for the night. I just switched my 3 day olds over from heat lamp. They love the cave more natural day night cycle, no fire hazard. All my chicks get the cave, except my meat birds to many at a time
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Theres an active thread on such set ups. If you search "mamma heating pad" there's a thread started by @Blooie which is great - can't remember the specific name of the thread, but i recall it saying "picture heavy" at the end.




Here it is

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Thanks, Chris! Yep, come on over and check out how many people are now raising healthy, calm chicks with no dangerous heat lamps, noise, or 24 hour lights glaring on them. We'd love to meet you. The beauty of the system is its simplicity and imitation of a real momma hen.
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what I will be brooding with this April is Radiant heat. it's in the form of The EcoGlow 20 chick brooder by Brinsea. It costs a WHOLE LOT LESS to run than a heat lamp! Radiant heat is basically infra red waves that are invisible. Much like how the Sun warms can't cause fire and can't burn you or the chicks. It's adjustable to be adjusted as the chicks grow. it's made of a special plastic that's bacteria resistant.the chicks get under it to keep warm and basically regulate their own temperature exactly as they would with a hen. getting under when cold getting out when warmer. Radiant heat is different than just regular heat. I've wanted one for a few years now. Brinsea makes very nice products but the cost has kept me at bay until I saw at wayfair online they have them about 10% off for the 20 chick. They make 20 and 50 chick models. The cost was now 85 dollars. which is still a lot to me but the product is very much worth it for a peace of mind. knowing it can't cause a fire, it's less money to run, it's always the perfect temperature, so much less worry. it has a two year warranty as well.shipping was fast and I tested it and it worked beautifully. I looked at the reviews and most are 5 star. it's a very good way to brood and you can usually trust Brinsea products. you should check it out online and see what you think. or watch it in use on you this is how I will brood from now on. Hope this helps.
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I love my Brinsea EcoGlow, I was always worried about the possibility of fire with the heat lamps but now I don't have to worry anymore and the chicks really seem to like it. 

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Pretty easy transition just turned off the lights during the day when I could watch them I put it on a dimmer switch and the temperature at the plate is about 95 ambient under the plate is about 87 - most of the time they sit or sleep on top they are much calmer and more personable. They are getting a bigger brooder tomorrow they love to roost and with food, water and plate in a Rubbermaid tub it is tight. I switched to a 40w regular light do I need to leave it on at night for a little extra warmth they don't seem to mind either way
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