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Various Breeds Hatch Rate

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I have noticed that Ameracaunas seem to be the first to hatch. Has anyone done a study on average hatching times by breed?

I am planning an incubation start tomorrow, March 16th, and am trying to document everything, including hatch times, pip to zip to hatch hours, etc. I am setting Marans and Wyandottes this time.


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I'm curious myself. I have 21 eggs in lockdown. I have 12 leghorns, 3 RIRs, 3 Austrolorps and 3 easter eggers. I have noticed differences in air cells and I hatched out this same eggs a few months ago and I was worried about the small air cells but they all hatched anyway. So we'll see
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There are probably a bunch of other variables as well, but if you can, do you mind replying as to which breed hatches first, last, days hatched, etc? I can't seem to find this info anywhere and would really like to see if there Is anything to it?


If others are able to, would you mind replying as well? Doesn't have to be down to the minute or anything, just really would like to know if there is a trend?

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I would also be interested in that information if anyone would have it. It seems like a lot of people say that the breed doesn't matter, but I feel like it may have some effect even if it is minor.

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P.S. I've also heard many people say that small eggs hatch quicker, so that may be one effect that the breed will have on the egg hatch date.

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My Ameraucanas and Ameraucana mixes (Olive Eggers) always hatch before any other breed. Usually by about 12 hours or so. They hatch fast too, almost popping out of those shells. I also breed Welsummers, and they are slower.....taking longer to pip and zip.


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Well here's the first pip, the Easter Egger. So maybe there's something to this theory. So I'll update.
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Sorry here's the pic.
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The Leghorn came out first, followed by the Easter Egger. Then 3 more leghorns. Still no brown eggs yet (RIRs and Austrolorps) or either of the 2 Easter Eggers left. This hatch feels painstakingly slow. Here's a pic of my cute babies.
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They are so cute! How did the hatch end up?

I've never had the Leghorns, so interesting that they also hatched quickly. Was the EE really spry coming out of the shell? Especially in comparison to the others?

What was the Leghorn egg size in comparison with the EE?


Any luck with the RIRs or Austros??? 

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